In science there exists the concept of entropy which, in its simplest but not exclusive definition, states that all things collapse from order to disorder. From that point of singularity bursting forth into the infinite pieces of the universe to that simple, orderly single-celled organism which multiplied into a complex human body destined to become the epitome of disorder- a pile of dust!

It can therefore be argued that the art world has experienced similar elements of entropy going from the simple but orderly cave drawings to complex Renaissance masterpieces, to abstract modern art and to a jumble of dots (pointillism) and pixels. But anentropic outcome (i.,e., complete disorder) can still be overcome by the artist who can excercise a style which embodies order, organization, patterns and regularity. Creativity can defeat entropic trends and such is the message and motif which run throughout the works of Italian artist Giacoma Lo Coco. In fact, she is the antithesis of entropy in that from disorder she shouts order!

Ms. Lo Coco ignores the natural tendency to gravitate toward disarray and untidiness as she obsesses with organization and regularity. Her paintings strive to create rows and patterns of color and symetry with both animate and inanimate subjects. The result is a pleasing and plesant view of normality. Even the simplest objects(pens, candles, etc…) take on an unforeseen discipline and calm as do her humans in a crowd, a pool or a beach. Her paintings are a visual delight which bring about an appreciation of comforting rows of normalcy in a chaotic world which continues to dissolve into an entropic state.

Ultimately, Ms. Lo Coco‘s panoply of paintings makes us revert back to less stressful and disorienting experiences and away from the splashes of disorganized and eye straining colors that is being offered by many. As a lawyer, I must admit that I am more prone to delight in a state offered by this artist in which all components or elements are arranged logically, comprehensibly or naturally- which is the only way to argue your case and make a point. I rest my case in favor of Giacoma Lo Coco.

Blaise Di Pronio, B.A., J.D.